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About Van Sanden Landscaping


Seth Van Sanden

Seth Van Sanden, the owner and manager of Van Sanden Landscaping, embodies a passion for crafting landscapes that balance aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility. His approach to design is versatile, ensuring that whether your space is a vast estate, a quaint bungalow, or an urban garden, it can be transformed into a living work of art.


With a hands-on approach to management, Seth guarantees a personalized experience for every client. His expertise, honed over 30 years in the industry, means that Van Sanden Landscaping doesn't just create spaces – we create ecosystems that prioritize health, quality, and sustainability.


We specialize in:

- Tailored design solutions that cater to both beauty and water conservation.

- The use of native and drought-resistant plants to promote local biodiversity.

- Employing non-toxic methods for pest management and fertilization to ensure a safe environment.

- Incorporating edible plants to bring the farm-to-table experience to your backyard.


Licensed, bonded, Van Sanden Landscaping stands as a testament to dedicated service and ecological stewardship. Join us in cultivating a greener future.

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